Amarlin: The king

Ryan groskamp scene 6 1
Ryan groskamp scene 6

Final image as in the video.

Ryan groskamp scene 6 5

Made reference photos from hanging drapery on his throne, and found abs muscle reference to paint the king.

Ryan groskamp scene 6 3

Changing some colors and values. Noticed it didn't felt real, the issue there was no secondary light. Also the color were too saturated.

Ryan groskamp scene 6 2

First color and value pass. Had struggles to find out where the lights cloud be coming from. I wanted a top down light on the king as he is the focus, but the window behind him also let through light, supposedly making a silhouette of him.

Ryan groskamp scene 6 1


The soldiers kneel before their respected king as he praises their efforts and eagerly opens the scroll. The king is relieved by the discovery of a possible new home, but quickly concern overwhelms him as he reads along.

Part of my graduation project where i wanted to establish a fictional world and its civilization. By showing narrative visuals about their decisions and struggle for a safe future.