Kurkdroog- Zand skuimer

Ryan groskamp sendas scout sand skimmer merged 3

Final render, fully equipped with reserve parts.

Ryan groskamp sendas scout sand skimmer merged bare

Bare framework.

Ryan groskamp sand skimmer scout ext

Mechanics close-up.

Ryan groskamp sendas scout sand skimmer interior

Interior render, fully equipped for a 6-9 month long potential journey.

Ryan groskamp sand skimmer interior

Interior line.

Ryan groskamp interior2

Interior 3d model. Made in gravity sketch, rendered in c4d with redshift.

Ryan groskamp 3 4 view

Exterior 3d model.

Ryan groskamp img 20190616 011623

Notebook early scribbles.

Ryan groskamp scene

Original inspiration. The Pacific ocean rowboat design gave the main inspiration for the design and shape. The hydrofoil racer gave ideas for the wings.

The cornerstone of the Sendas tribe technology, a self sustaining sand catamaran for long distances across the great salt flats. While the Sendas tribe use primitive materials, their wits and knowledge about the wind and environment create intelligent devices. Using the materials flexure properties, they can create intricate suspensions with no need of complex joints which adds more moving parts. Thanks to this philosophy, this vehicle is easy to maintain by the sailor even though the reserve parts never got touched after long distances.