Amarlin: Beacon of hope

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Ryan groskamp scene 2

Final shot.

Ryan groskamp intro5

used less saturated colors and work more towards realistic approach.

Ryan groskamp intro3

The arching pillars of the cave made the impression it wasn't very high.

Ryan groskamp intro4

City felt too small even when in distance.

Ryan groskamp intro

City was built by many castle wall cutouts, layered and color corrected.

"Many of the survivors fled to The Capital, one of the last and by far the strongest city still standing. But the lack of shelter kept getting harder to cope with, and the king was in desperate need for a solution. Therefore he sent a group of skilled soldiers to look for habitable places outside the cave, and return to report their discoveries."

Part of my graduation project where i wanted to establish a fictional world and its civilization. By showing narrative visuals about their decisions and struggle for a safe future.