Amarlin: The slums

Ryan groskamp scene 4 2
Ryan groskamp scene 4

Final piece, turned the saturation of the characters way down so they blend with environment.

Ryan groskamp scene 4 8

tried highlights on the characters, since the environment is humid. Didn't really work out though.

Ryan groskamp scene 4 3

Painted almost over everything, getting rid of the photo texture.

Ryan groskamp scene 4 1

Photos block in, sketch was made by tracing the photos back and forth.

Ryan groskamp scene 4 sk

Fleshed out idea. Wanted to show the state of the environment a bit more, and less focus on interior.

Ryan groskamp scene 4

First initial idea

"The interest of every bounty hunter grows as the soldiers pass through the slums of the city since their news could be of unimaginable value, they know however that messing with these soldiers certainly will end their lives."

Part of my graduation project where i wanted to establish a fictional world and its civilization. By showing narrative visuals about their decisions and struggle for a safe future.