Amarlin: Tidal gate

Ryan groskamp scene 3 1
Ryan groskamp scene 3

I adjusted perspective according feedback. Though the intense perspective is lost, it reads much better.

Ryan groskamp gate shot open 9

adding a warm/cold contrast. This was my final piece until i got feedback that the wall is weird. Even though i used a 3D base that reads like this, it didn't convince that you are actually under the wall, in front of the gate.

Ryan groskamp gate shot open 7

light color overlay/soft light and gradient maps.

Ryan groskamp gate shot open 5

adjusted the values and lighting. Wanted to have more focus on where the guy is heading to.

Ryan groskamp gate shot open

In this phase i placed in photos with castles and walls masked before working on it. Saved a lot of time later on. Also wanted try photo bash in my workflow to learn from.

Ryan groskamp gate shot1 1

Corrected some perspective

Ryan groskamp gate shot1

second draft. I liked this perspective since i wanted to show a close up of the character while focusing on the massive gate and city beyond.

Ryan groskamp gate shot2

first draft of 'going to the gate' story moment

"The massive gate keeps most of the refugees outside to protect the Capital from overpopulation, however, the gate opens immediately for the soldiers as the gatekeepers recognize the king's banner. They make their way to the top of the city, where the palace resides."

Part of my graduation project where i wanted to establish a fictional world and its civilization. By showing narrative visuals about their decisions and struggle for a safe future.